On the verge of something inevitable.

Over the last year I’ve been sporadically working on some electronic music, tracks that directly reference my inspirations, influences and hopefully convey a slice of original thought amongst the compressed waveforms. It’s not quite ready to share yet, but I’m on the cusp of getting these tracks out and re-entering the larger musical landscape by sticking my big toe into the water again.

I’ve had some great support over the last 8 months while finding time to complete these tracks, whether it was subtle words of encouragement from my dear friends Nate Troisi, Reuben Ingall, Nick Delatovic, Paul Heslin and David Finnigan, or actual contributions to the end product by Nick D again, Becki Whitton, George Rose, and Danny Wild & Luke McGrath who are cooking up video aesthetics to tie to a couple of the songs.

I’ve really taken my time with the creation of these songs, and the overall concept and design of the entire product that has become Future Conduits. At the start of the year I looked down at a metal panel at Yarraville train station and saw a sign that had allusions and connections to things that don’t exist yet, but someday will, and that tied together with my attitude to music, the hope of things to come and the possibility of something amazing being right around the corner, or a few years down the track. So I’ve deliberately tried to not rush anything to do with this project, to let it happen organically and to work on it when I’ve felt the time is right. I’ll confess to some perfectionist leanings in trying to correct things that could be better served by moving on and fixing those problems in my next project, but I’ve learnt alot in trying to complete these four tracks, and I feel as though my work now has a well trodden path to walk down and out of my brain.


So here’s the artwork, designed by the darling and generous George Rose. She is a stunning visual artist who inspires me to create alot and often, and her work ethic around her art is really something to behold.

The first FCEP will see the light of day before 2014 is out.

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